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Pacific Legal Network continues expansion, welcoming new member in Vanuatu

Pacific Legal Network (PLN) is very pleased to announce that La’au Lawyers in Vanuatu has joined as a member firm, continuing the expansion of the network, which now covers more than 20 countries across the Pacific Island region.


La’au Lawyers, headed up by Jennifer La’au is a full-service local Vanuatu law firm and assists individuals and companies residing in Vanuatu, as well as foreign entities and persons looking to do business in Vanuatu, with a range of services including commercial law, land matters and civil claims and a company secretarial offering. In particular, Jennifer brings local indigenous specific knowledge, values, and skills relating to the Ni-Vanuatu people and residents.


PLN has a long history of association with Vanuatu and the official inclusion of Vanuatu in the network further strengthens PLN’s service offering, increasing the global footprint through which PLN provides clients access to experienced local legal expertise on the ground across the Pacific.


PLN Founder and Head of Legal Services John Ridgway said: “I could not be happier to be able to announce La’au Lawyers in Vanuatu as our latest member to the Pacific Legal Network.  For me, this is where the PLN journey began, and it is where I continue to love to visit and enjoy all that Vanuatu has to offer.


I have known Jennifer La’au and her family for almost 30 years; she is a fine lawyer and a trustworthy person and is someone that I know our clients will love working with and be able to rely on.  It continues to be exciting times for us.”


Jennifer La’au, Principal of La’au Lawyers said: “hemi wan bigfala hona mo blessing blong La’au Lawyers i joinem famili blong PLN long fuija rod blong hem. PLN hemi olsem wan Nabanga tri we i givem differen kin frut, we ol ofis blong ol Loya long Pacific olsem La’au Lawyers oli gat access blong offerem ol services blong hem i ko long ol lokol mo international klaens. Mi luk fowad blong servem yufala.


I am deeply and humbly honoured for this wonderful opportunity, as a new comer to the PLN journey. La’au Lawyers is fortunate to be regarded as (in the Vanuatu context) a “brotherly or sisterly” member of PLN.  


Like a Banyan Tree, PLN has many branches of which La’au Lawyers is a branch that identifies with the people of Vanuatu, her identity and customary values. La’au Lawyers is unique for it is built on many years of expertise and experience of working with grassroots, peoples of all walks and trades.

As a branch of the PLN Nabanga, I am excited for La’au Lawyers with this opportunity to serve and bring Vanuatu to your doorstep, offering our range of services with insights and our Vanuatu knowledge, values, and friendly smiles”.



For more information and for interview opportunities contact John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services at Pacific Legal Network:


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